Hôtel de Lyon

Located at downtown Valence, close to restaurants and shops, in a very charming decor, modern and bright, Hotel Lyon welcomes you to your small and long stays.

Many places can be discovered in the city ​​center of Valence, historical monuments like the Statue Bonaparte, through the Saint-Ruf temple, as well as landmarks such as the Saint-Apollinaire Cathedral and the Parc Jouvet. Valencia is a pedestrian city, ideal for walking and discover its riches.

In heart of downtown Valence and 50 meters from the train station, our hotel welcomes you for a pleasant stay 24/24h.

Hôtel de Lyon
23 Avenue Pierre Semard
26000 Valence

Tél 04 75 41 44 66
Fax 04 75 44 72 32